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Digital commentary provides the World Cup feeds S easoned Glensound users Gearhouse Broadcast have just returned from a successful event at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, where they provided commentary services to OSB NZ, for host broadcaster Sky NZ. In providing this service they selected the Glensound Digital Commentary GDC 6432 as the commentary system. There were 37 GDC 6432 Glensound Digital Commentary systems in use during the Rugby World Cup, and they were used to provide the World Feed for every broadcaster requiring a fully equipped commentary booth. They were used at all 48 games, across 12 venues throughout New Zealand. The commentary was grouped into six kits that were transported, between matches as they were needed. At all venues the international broadcasters were presented with a uniform Glensound set up to provide them with identical conditions at any game they were commentating on. #29231 - Genelec TV Bay_Layout 20/06/2011 11:48 Page 1 Motion Pro provides comfort and stability A utocue has introduced Motion Pro a professional, handheld camera stabiliser designed and manufactured in-house by Autocue. Respected London-based DP, Director and Filmmaker Philip Bloom said, Autocue’s Motion Pro is a great little handheld stabiliser. Like all stabilisers it takes a lot of practice but the lightness of the device coupled with the excellent build quality makes this a great way to get those super slick shots without killing your arms! Motion Pro enables users to fly all DSLR and DV cameras from 450g to 2.7kgs (1 to 6lbs) and uses precision engineering and machined parts throughout to create a high quality finish and ensure flawless balance of the camera. For comfort during use, the stabiliser handle includes a high quality professional foam grip that provides ultra comfort and support that can be securely docked on a tripod mounting plate. To aid portability, the entire unit folds up flat in a small carry case for easy storage and accessibility. Trusted Throughout the production chain, broadcasters rely on the purity and transparency of Genelec audio monitoring. Find out why Genelec is the broadcaster’s monitor of choice at “To us, Genelec means total round-the-clock reliability” “The default choice for studios across the world” “All of our rooms have Genelecs – it gives us 100% consistency” Scott Holmgren, Molinare Daniel Jones, Vaudeville Post Daniel Sassen, Envy Post Find out more Scan with a QR reader on your smartphone for full details of Genelec monitors UK distribution by Source • • T: 020 8962 5080 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 11