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For Sale: HMK Bilcon Denmark OB TRUCK EXPANDO

OB TRUCK EXPANDO including equipment


Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Vehicles

Published: 17-12-2023

Views: 197

Listed By: Dealer

Location: Cyprus

Listing ID: 29935


Tech specs:

 * OPTION: it is also possible to have the OB with 12-14  HItachi SK-HD- 1300 3G triax camera chains


Trailer / Truck:

Trailer built year 2002 by HMK Bilcon Denmark.

Tridechydraulic steered axels (manual control to help parking)

Central locking system

Tractor: Volvo F12 2001 (Euro 2 + particulate Filter, 803.500 km)

Total size: L: 16,5m, W: 2,55m, (W: 4,00m), H: 4,00m

Total weight: 36 T

Power: 63A 400V 3 phase



Sony MVS8000 Switcher with 3 ME and DVE

Harris Inscriber G3 with dual output

5x Harris X75 synchronizers

DK-Technologies PT0710M waveform monitor

10x Harris HDC6801+ distribution/downconverters


Router system:

Grass Valley Venus Multi Format 96x192 HD video router

NTP 116x116 AES Audio router

Grass Valley Jupiter SI 3000C rendundant controller

8x Grass Valley CP3800A control panels

9x Grass Valley CP330 control panels

tally router


Monitors and multiviewer:

Osee HMV160 multiviewer 48 inputs, 8 outputs

Decimator multiviewer 24 inputs, 2 outputs

10x Sony 40" monitors

7x AOC 24" monitors

2x Samsung 32" monitors

2x Sony BVM-A14F5A Grade 1 monitors HD

3x Tektronix WFM601M waveform monitors

3x DK-Technologies PM5661 vector scopes


Intercom system:

Drake 4000 system 96x96 ports

6x VeNiX ISDN Codecs

11x PD4224 LCD key panels

3x PD4212 LCD key panels


Audio mixer:

Yamaha PM1D

64 Mic/line inputs

64 analog outputs

64 AES inputs

64 AES outputs


1x Dolby Surround decoder SDU4

1x VLL-OB Cam 12 cam mic gain

1x Sonifex Wordclock DA

2x TC Electronics Dbmax digital broadcast maximizer

1x Sony PCM-R500 digital audio recorder

2x Genelec 1029 speaker

5x Genelec 1032 speakers

7x Stageboxes


* OPTION: it is also possible to have the OB with 12-14  HItachi SK-HD- 1300 3G triax camera chains




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