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50,000.00 ONO

For Sale: BFE OB trailer

Rack ready 12-camera UHD OB trailer from 2020


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Condition: Used

Category: Vehicles

Published: 04-05-2024

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Location: Norway

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Rack ready OB trailer with basic audio, video (UHD/12G-SDI), network and power cables installed (between main rack and each work space + monitors). There are schematics for all the cables installed. The OB trailer is made for up to 12x camera channels. It has only been used for 3 years. Most of the time as a MCR for remote productions. All equipment has been taken out, except HP switches for network and all power related equipment.

Equipment that has been used in the OB trailer and therefor adjusted for is: Ross Carbonite 2S panel, Calrec Brio 36 audio mixer, Panasonic 1500 RCP (UC4000 cameras).

There are 10 working positions: 1x audio, 3x EVS/GFX, 1x EIC, 2x shading and 3x Production/mixer.

Audio: Has two racks above the mixer position with 11U rack space each which is accessible from the rear from outside. And a 2U rack next to the mixer. Behind the chair there is a 12U rack on the floor/corner. 4x monitor racks + surround sound setup for speakers (not incl. speakers).

EVS/GFX area: Has 2 storage rooms and a 10U rack between them above the monitors as well as 3 racks with angled 3U on the desk. 6x monitor racks.

Engineering: 3 small storage rooms, 2x 12U racks and 1x 2U rack above the monitors (accessible from the outside/rear). Under monitors/on the desk there are 3 racks of 5U each. 8x monitor racks.

Production: 4x angled 4U 19" racks on the desk as well as 2x 4U racks under the desk for tielines and power outlets etc. 4x monitor racks.

Tailboard: 2x 19" 12U racks. This is positioned directly under the audio area. 

Main racks: 2x 48U 19" racks with 100cm depth. All accessible from a outside door in the rear.

The trailer has storage compartments/rooms in the skirt, with 24V system in one of them and hydraulic system for support legs in another.

There are 2 aircondition systems, one for the two main racks in the rear and one in the ceiling above production for the entire production room. Underfloor heating is installed on each work space. There are preparations for extra aircon system under the trailer for the main racks.

Power: Both 63A 400V 3-phase and 63A 230V 3-phase power inlets. Main door has pin code lock, all other doors have keys. Chassis is Humbaur and the trailer has been built by BFE in Mainz, Germany. OB trailer with VBG connection, 10,5 ton total (net weight approx 5,5 ton). Rear camera is installed.

The trailer is in good condition, but needs some service and smaller mechanical repairs on the outside storage compartments in the skirts. One of them needs an adjustment to not interfere with the right front hydraulic support leg. The flooring inside has small "bumps" due to glue getting loose. It has been like this since 2020 and we have not bothered with fixing it as it is not getting worse. A brand new floor is included and can be installed by new owner.

The OB trailer is located in Norway and will be sold "as is". New price as the trailer is now would be around EUR 230-250 000, but the trailer is being listed for sale at around EUR 50 000 or best offer.

For more information, please contact us.

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