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$410,000.00 ONO

For Sale: L’Acoustics Kara/K2 Line Array System

Elevate your audio experience with our top-tier L-Acoustics PA System, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled clarity and power for your events.

L’Acoustics Kara/K2 Line Array System - image #1

Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Speakers

Published: 08-02-2024

Views: 58

Listed By: Dealer

Location: Australia

Listing ID: 30721


This comprehensive package comes fully equipped with the finest components in the audio industry, ensuring your audience enjoys the impeccable sound quality at any venue.

Package Includes:



24 x K2 Speaker

24 x KARA Speaker

24 x SB28 Speaker

Covers & Accessories:

24 x SB28 Cover

24 x SB28-PLA

6 x HeadCover for K2 (Santosom)

6 x Case for KARA (Santosom)

Cases & Racks:

1 x Case for K2DOWNKARA (AG)

1 x Case for KARA MINIBUEX (AG)

1 x Case for Kara M-BUMP (Santosom)


4 x LA-RACK for L-ACOUSTICS (Santosom), with 3xLA8 each

5 x LA-RACK, with 3xLA8 each

Mounting & Rigging Hardware:



2 x M-BAR

2 x M-BUMP

2 x K- BUMPFLIGHT for K2 (Santosom)

4 x K2-BAR

4 x K2-BUMP



Amplifiers & Signal Processing:

10 x DOSUB-LA8

Speakers & Subs:

8 x DO25

18 x DO.7

2 x DO10

4 x DO5


Exclusive Offer:


Top Condition: Each component of this meticulously maintained PA system ensures peak performance, guaranteeing your events are powered by crystal-clear, powerful sound.

Worldwide Free Shipping: We offer worldwide free shipping, ensuring your system arrives safely and ready to perform, no matter where your music takes you.

30-Day Unconditional Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day unconditional warranty, offering a hassle-free solution should any issues arise.


This L-Acoustics PA system, revered by audio professionals globally, offers unmatched versatility and performance for concerts, festivals, corporate events, and more. With plug-and-play convenience and road-ready durability, it’s designed to exceed your audio expectations and transform your events.


Inquire now to elevate your soundscapes with this unparalleled L-Acoustics PA system package and bring your events to life like never before.

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