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For Sale: AVL Technologies Cobham Explorer

For sale in used condition and working condition Cobham Explorer, 1.0 Ku-band drive-away antenna with controller and portable terminal.


Key Details

Condition: Used

Category: Outside Broadcast

Published: 17-10-2023

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Location: Netherlands

Listing ID: 29022

AV ProVideo BV


AVL Technologies Cobham Explorer, 1.0 Meter Ku-Band Drive Away Antenna System


MAKE: AVL Technologies

MODEL: Cobham Explorer


WARRANTY: One month


For sale in used condition and working condition Cobham Explorer,

1.0  Ku-band drive-away antenna with controller and portable terminal.

Please contact us or make us a reasonable offer.


What you’re buying:

1x Cobham Explorer, Drive away antenna.

1x Cobham TracLRI, Live Remote Interface.

1x ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro, Portable terminal.

Including all the connecting cables.


The Cobham EXPLORER is a 1.0m Ku-band drive-away antenna.

This auto-deploy system allows personnel with minimal satellite experience to

easily configure and operate this terminal enabling the user to access any

broadband application over satellite.

System Features:

- Rugged, Reliable 1.0m Ku-band Drive-Away Antenna
- Solid Resin Fiber Composite Reflector: High EIRP, High-Performance
- Mechanical Drive systems including Zero-Backlash Az/El Cable Drive,

and Precision Polarization Drive
- WR-75 Flex WaveGuide to BUC interface
- Inclined orbit satellite tracking
- Manual override capability for emergency use




- Size 1.0m Resin Fiber Composite
- Optics Offset, Prime Focus, 0.8 F/D
- Mount Geometry 3-Axis, Elevation over Azimuth
- Polarization Motorized Rotation of Feed

 Weights & Measures

- Approx. Weight 50.3 kg (111 lbs) without BUC / LNB
- Approx.
Length 157.4 cm (62”)
- Stowed Height 38.1 cm
- Deployed Height 161.1 cm
Antenna Characteristics Ku Linear

- Frequency (GHz)  Receive - 10.95 -12.75  Transmit 13.75 -14.5
- Antenna Gain (dBi ± 0.2) Receive - 39.9  Transmit 41.4
- VSWR Receive 1.3:1 Transmit  1.3:1
- Cross Pol Isolation (dB) On-Axis Receive 30 Transmit 35
- Cross Pol Isolation (dB) Off-Axis Receive 28 Transmit 30
- Feed Port Isolation - Tx to Rx (dB) Receive 35 Transmit 80 w/filter

Beamwidth (degrees)

- at -3dB Receive 1.8  Transmit 1.5
- at -10dB Receive 3.2 Transmit 2.8

Antenna Noise Temperature (°K) at 20° Elevation

- 55°

 G/T - Comm @ 30° EL Midband (dB/°K)

- 19.5

Radiation Pattern Compliance

 - FCC §25.209, ITU-R S.580


- Linear Orthogonal Std

Optional Co-pol

- Standard BUC Options 4W, 8W, 16W


- Wind Speed - Operational 72 km/h (45 mph)

Survival (deployed) (stowed)

- 80.5 km/h (50 mph)

- 161 km/h (100 mph)

Temperature - Operational

-30° to +51°C (-22° to 125°F)
- Survival -40° to +60°C (-40° to 140°F)


- <100 mm/hr


- 0 to 100% (condensing)


- RF Rx and Tx: Type F (75-ohm) connectors
- Interfacility Link 9.14m (30 ft) Dual RG6 Coax, 1 Control Cable
- Motors 24VDC Servo w/ Optical Encoder, Constant Torque
- Controller (1RU)

Power Supply

- 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60Hz Single Phase
- 300W standard; 1000W option available

Power  Consumption

- Motors Active – 250 Watts
- Motors Idle – 30 Watts
- BUC Mounting Feed Boom (maximum weight 7.3 kg / 16 lbs.)
- Waveguide 90° WR75 Waveguide Rotary Joint @ Feed TX Input
- Emergency Drive Handcrank on Az & El; Knob on Po



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