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For Sale: Sony DWM-01

NEW Sony DWM-01 Handheld Wireless DIGITAL Microphone Ch. 33 - 40 incl. ch. 38

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Condition: New

Category: Microphones

Published: 23-05-2024

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Listed By: Private Seller

Location: United Kingdom

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NEW Sony DWM-01/F31 Digital Wireless Microphone
Ch. 33 - Ch. 40 including Ch. 38 - which is UK legal.
You can also buy this on eBay at:
I also have 3 x USED Sony DWM-01 's on the same frequencies.
I obtained this microphone in a stock liquidation sale. This DWM-01/F31 33 (CE7) from Sony is brand new in original box which was only opened to check all the contents are there, and to photograph it.

Operating Frequencies:

566.000 MHz (Ch. 33) - 630.000 MHz (Ch. 40)

You can buy this on eBay at: or enter the item number: 276528400784 in the SEARCH bar on eBay.

Sony is renowned for innovation in digital audio, and is the top artists choice for studio microphones. Now, all of this expertise and legendary performance is available in a digital wireless microphone system.

Focused on supremely high quality audio and extreme usability for performers, the digital microphone range is set to become the standard choice for performers and live audio engineers worldwide.

Starting with a new microphone dynamic capsule perfectly matched for vocal applications, the all-digital wireless signal path maintains the essence of the live performance transparently, with a wide frequency response and a superb dynamic range.

For performers, its the ideal size and weight for the most demanding conditions. For engineers and producers, microphone metadata allows accurate and instant control of important parameters.

Uncompromised audio quality, digital wireless consistency and real-time metadata. A wireless microphone system that delivers the digital promise.


  • Digital handheld microphone with newly-developed unidirectional dynamic capsule

An ergonomically packaged microphone for use with Sony's digital wireless transmitter/receivers. The dynamic capsule is optimised for high quality vocal performance, and the supercardioid polar response minimises feedback in live performances.

  • Robust monocoque body with efficient design

A durable, one-piece body, easy to hold, lightweight, with an elegant shape that is derived from the usability of the design.

  • Low latency and secure audio transmission with metadata.

With the DWM-01/F31, the delay in the signal path between the microphone and the output of the receiver is so small as to be imperceptible to performers

  • Frequency response 60Hz - 20kHz. Maximum input level 151dBSPL

    Wide frequency response for capturing every nuance, and able to withstand very high sound pressure levels.

  • Long battery life

    Five hour battery life using two AA alkaline batteries with RF power set to 10 mW.

  • Selectable output power

    Output power selectable between 1/10/50 mW. Chose the minimum power necessary for a venue, lengthening battery life, and reducing the already low possibility of interference. Allows the microphone to work effectively in a very wide range of venues.

  • Remote control of transmitter functions from the receiver

Input attenuation, RF frequency selection, RF power output, Audio Low-pass cutoff frequency and transmitter Sleep Mode can all be controlled remotely from the digital wireless receiver.
This is brand new and well below the manufacturers recomended price.

Private sale. No VAT to pay in the UK.

Pickup in Uxbridge (West London) or can send by courier anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world (except Russia).

Enter 276488823972 in the search bar on eBay.

Further Description - info from Sony

The Sony DWM-01 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone is intended for use with Sony wireless transmitters operating on compatible frequencies.
The transmitter features high intelligibility and a wide frequency response that is well suited for capturing speech. It features a switchable 1, 10 or 50mW RF output for increased range, and can operate up to 5 hours on two AA batteries.


Condenser Element Hypercardioid Polar Pattern - 5 Hours on 2 x AA Batteries

The DWM-01 is a digital wireless hand-held microphone for a UHF synthesized wireless microphone system. This microphone is especially intended for vocalists at concerts or in studios.

What is DWX?

DWX refers to Sony’s new digital wireless microphone system. The DWX series reflects Sony’s extensive expertise in professional microphones and sound design. It represents a successful blend of Sony know-how, wireless technology renowned for stability, and cutting-edge digital audio technology.

In addition to realizing the high sound quality possible with a digital system, the DWX series supports multi-channel simultaneous operation, encrypted transmission, and metadata transmission for monitoring the status of multiple transmitters. Using a main link and a separate additional link, remote control of transmitters from the receiver is also possible. With its many advanced features, the system has the potential to revolutionize the workflow of professional applications.

What is WiDIF-HP?

WiDIF-HP (WiDIF: Wireless Digital Interface Format, HP: High Profile) is a wireless digital audio interface format developed by Sony.

It enables highly secure transmission with high sound quality and low system latency, and supports simultaneous multi-channel operation.

What is Cross Remote?

Cross Remote is a system that allows transmitters to be monitored and controlled from a receiver and the Wireless Studio control software installed on a computer connected to the receiver.

For example, the settings of a transmitter worn under clothing can be easily changed over the wireless link.

Wide RF carrier frequency range

The DWM-01 microphone covers an extremely wide RF carrier frequency range.

Thie remarkably wide coverage on a single model offers cost efficiency and operational convenience, because it allows one microphone to be operated in many different areas.

Carrier frequencies differ depending on the model.

Dynamic type and condenser type

As a hand-held microphone that is appropriate for picking up the vocal, the DWM-01 comes in two types: dynamic type and condenser type.

Compact, lightweight, and rugged design

With a solid, monocoque structure that is tolerant of fall or impact, this microphone can digitize the sound in the close proximity of its source. Even the delicate sounds like intake of breath of the vocalist are naturally processed.

Capability of accepting wide range of sound pressure level

Selectable RF output power: 1 mW, 10 mW, and 50 mW

Digital low-cut filter

Power sleep mode
Operating Manual available online. Search "Sony DWM-01".

This is brand new and well below the manufacturers recomended price.

You can also buy this on eBay at:




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