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For Sale: Telestream XR

ContentAgent XR for managing, repurposing +distributing AV Production

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Published: 05-07-2020

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ContentAgent XR for managing, repurposing + distributing

In good condition and in full working order - costed £20000


ContentAgent - Overview

The universal platform for managing, repurposing and distributing digital content, ContentAgent streamlines any file-based workflow, greatly improving productivity.

The system is easy to use with an elegant interface that echoes working practices and provides seamless continuity of operation between acquisition, transcoding and distribution.

As a universal resolution-independent transcoding workhorse, ContentAgent is the natural heart of file-based workflow in environments ranging from film to internet based media and everything in between. In today’s world, simply repurposing files just isn’t enough. ContentAgent goes the extra mile in automating all aspects of file output and distribution in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner

What's in it for me?

ContentAgent is the hub of file-based workflow, offloading ingest and export tasks from the edit suite and freeing up editorial staff for storytelling, not encoding.

Edit Assistant/Machine Room personnel/ DIT
Cut out laborious manual preparation of rushes/dailies and produce automated viewing copies.

Post Supervisor
ContentAgent automates even the most complex branded DVD dailies requirements. The workflow automation means clients get an unparalleled fast turn-round together with the essential security required on feature film production.

Obtain viewing copies faster and more efficiently.

Engineering Manager/ Machine Room Engineer
Enjoy huge time savings with the ability to capture and transcode into multiple flavours in one hit. Automate even the most complex workflow from end-to-end (including QC tasks) and rely on infinite repeatability.

Facility Technical Director
With its fast learning curve and a clear and easy to use interface, ContentAgent may readily be operated by non-technical staff. The system smoothes the transition to file-based working.

Financial Director 
Saves facility time and money and adds potential new revenue streams with automated encoding for DVD, ray, mobile and web. Use of non-technical staff for day-to-day transcoding

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