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For Sale: Ikegami 8K 8 x Ikegami SHK-810 8K chains

8 x complete Ikegami SHK-810 HD, 4K, 8K ! chains with full accessories


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Condition: Used

Category: Cameras

Published: 17-10-2023

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Listed By: Interscreen Japan Y.K. PREMIUM SELLER

Location: Japan

Listing ID: 29235

Interscreen Japan Y.K.


We did one of the 1st EU  Ob Van multicamera HD productions in 1989 with Sony HDC-300, HDC-500s and HDD-1000 1-inch reels, then again in 2002 we built the first public HD live studio at Yokohama IBC for the Korea/Japan Worlds and now when we thought its close to semi-retirement   this challenge comes along...but ok, so be it.....

We just purchased for rentals or resale the following 8K ! native equipment: 

8 x Ikegami SHK-810 cameras , instead of B4  all with PL mount  but luckily all with Lemo connectors                                           8 x Ikegami CCU-810SH, obviously Lemo, fully stocked with HD, 4K and 8K outputs                                                                       6 x Ikegami SE-810SH Large Lens expanders                                                                                                                                     8 x OCP-300SH RCPs , cables                                                                                                                                                              8 x DM-3414 Ikegami / Astro OEM  camera mountable  4K  14 inch viewfinder

as well as a bunch of small accessories.  Every piece of equipment comes in its on individual metal case. 

In the meantime we added also further accessories like native 8K  55" monitors, 4K-8K cross converters , 4K-8K recorders and other helpful gear.       

The equipment was maintained all its short life by the world's largest national tv network, is in top shape and still is overkill for the vast majority of suitable productions.  However, use PL mount lenses with drive units attached like Fujinon's ZK, Canon's CN line or suitable Angenieux lenses, use it now for HD and 4K and quite a while later then for 8K, all midterm format options out there can easily be handled.  Just an update: every single chain has now been checked out and given green light,  nextgear's new B4-PL mount converter also was working like a charm with our B4  4K lenses. As tempting as it may be to put them into service  - given the fact that the youngest member of our veteran team is 62 - we finally have decided to put them up for resale. Please notice that the chains do all HD, 4K, 8K formats in 59.94i/p  yet for 50i/p you would need a conversion unit, so best would be USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea or further fromer 60Hz countries.

Viewing the equipment:  our autumn vacation ends october 25th and we ll be available again from october 26/27th.

Best wishes


for some more pictures  please just go to our dealer site  and scroll down to the 8K  infos


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