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275.00 ONO

For Sale: Overline systems Base Intercom UC Serie

For sale many Overline Systems parts, see list below:


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Condition: Used

Category: Audio

Published: 10-10-2023

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Location: Netherlands

Listing ID: 29181

AV ProVideo BV


Overline Systems Base Intercom UC Serie Bodypacks and many more Parts

MAKE: Overline Systems

MODEL: UC DP / Series



For sale many Overline Systems parts, see list below.

For the UC DP body packs we ask € 275.00, interested in the other parts in the list please send us a message.



- 9x Overline Systems SWI BC4, Battery Charger

- 1x Overline Systems UC CA4, Active Diversity RF Coupler

- 8x Overline Systems UC CA4, Active RF Splitter, 2x4 Ways

- 10x Overline Systems PS4, Power Supply

- 21x Overline Systems UC RX, Diversity Receiver

- 5x Overline Systems UC TX, HF Transmitter

- 3x Overline Systems UC AMP, Dual Antenna Amplifier

- 7x Overline Systems UC B5, UHF Power Amplifier

- 2x Overline Systems UC CBR, TX Combiner 4to1

- 1x Overline Systems UC CBR, TX Combiner 2x 4to1

- 5x Overline Systems UC MT4, Terminal Extension with Remote Control

- 1x Overline Systems UC MT, Terminal Extension

- 14x Overline Systems UC DP, Mobile Intercom, bodyPacks

- 12x Overline Systems UC C2, 3dB Coupler 50Ω

- 18x Overline Systems UC B4,8, Batteries for the Mobile Intercom.(No Warranty)

- 1x Overline Systems UC ADR, UHF Repeater

- 2x Overline Systems UC PCA, From Base

- 14x Overline Systems Empty 3HE Racks.


We have pictures from the parts and if you’re interested in some parts, please contact us.

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