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For Sale: Vortex Scriptboy

Vortex ScriptBoy - Wireless Timecode Display Clipboard Logging System

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Condition: Used

Category: Accessories

Published: 03-07-2024

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Listed By: Private Seller

Location: United Kingdom

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ScriptBoy - Wireless Timecode Display System

It is in perfect working order. I have 2 of these but the price is for one (1) Scriptboy timecode display system.


The ScriptBoy is the ideal production assistant's assistant. It provides a large, clear readout of timecode from the camera at distances of up to 100 metres, without cables - and without having to ask the cameraman "what's the code?" A small battery-powered transmitter is attached to the camera and fed with LTC timecode in EBU or SMPTE, dropframe or non-dropframe format. This is transmitted to the ScriptBoy clipboard which automatically detects the format and decodes the signal for display. The display reading can be frozen so that accurate timecode can be recorded on continuity notes or script.

The display panel can be detached from the clipboard, making a convenient and compact desktop or handheld reader.

In areas of poor reception, timecode can be fed directly to the display via cable.

Mainly used for video shoots where you may not stop to break shots down with slate ID's, but run the camera continuously, so the script supervisor needs to see the running time code in order to correlate it to the notes on the scene. Otherwise the editor just gets this huge long take containing multiple actions with no clue as to what pieces are covered.


Frequency:     418MHz (no licence required in EU or USA)
Range:     Up to 100 meters depending on environment
Power:     1 x AA 1.5V alkaline battery
Approximate Battery Life:     48 hours continuous Use
Indicator:     Red LED illuminates when switched on
Timecode Input:     3.5mm mini jack socket (lead supplied)
Weight:     60g including battery
Size:     72 x 56 x 18mm (H x W x D)


Display Information:     Hours, minutes, seconds and frames
Character Height:     18mm
Hold Controls:     Left and right push buttons freeze display
Power:     2 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
Approximate Battery Life:     24 hours continuous use
Direct Timecode Input:     3.5mm mini jack socket (lead not supplied)
Weight:     575g including batteries
Clipboard Size:     323 x 261 x 5mm (H x W x D)
Maximum Depth:     25mm (includes display)
Clipboard Construction:     Robust injection moulded plastic
In used condition and in perfect working order.

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