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ARTESCA 2 0 delivers enterprise-grade data security

Scality announced its newest release of Scality ARTESCA, its class-leading simple, secure S3 object storage software for data deployments starting at a few terabytes. Over a dozen innovations in ARTESCA 2.0 strengthen cyber resiliency through a hardened, reduced attack surface that minimises security risks with best-of-breed data immutability for i...

Submitted by Rachel Neal
Published 18 May 2023

A switch in time: how KVM can unlock the future of broadc...

One of the major changes for broadcasters during the pandemic has been the shift towards remote production; by no means a new phenomenon in an IP environment, yet accelerated under lockdown to accommodate travel and gathering restrictions. A 2021 report found that almost 40% of broadcast professionals now employ remote production, up 9% on the prev...

Submitted by Chris Smeeton
Published 10 March 2022

State of the Nation - part 1

i Imagine you are the director of the Champions League Final, knowing that 200 million people will be watching your every decision. Or you\'re directing the Eurovision Song Contest. Or even, to be honest, the Tunbridge Wells local news opt out. And at live minus 30 seconds, all the screens in the monitor wall suddenly go black then show a demand, i...

Submitted by Dick Hobbs - new
Published 07 September 2017