Shooting Cinematically
Ben Baldwin Ben Baldwin joins Den Lennie and Philip Bloom for a Sony Webinar
Tags: iss093 | Den Lennie | Philip Bloom | Sony | Cinematic | Ben Baldwin
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A Closer Look at DVB-S2X
Joerg Rockstroh with Joerg Rockstroh, Product Manager – Modem Technologies, WORK Microwave
Tags: iss093 | WORK Microwave | DVB-S2X | Joerg Rockstroh
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The evolution of Wired Intercom
Simon Browne Simon Browne and Ed Fitzgerald tell us about the evolution of wired intercom
Tags: iss093 | Clear-Com | Wired Intercom | Ed Fitzgerald | Simon Browne
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FM Over Satellite Challenges
Werner Drews

Seeking new ways to refine operational efficiency, broadcasters using satellite to deliver FM now have a palette of options.

Tags: iss093 | 2wcom | FM | Satellite | Werner Drews
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Guaranteed Training?
Mark Reed Mark Reed talks about the training needed to work in the broadcast industry
Tags: iss093 | Education | Mark Reed
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Playing games with radio mics on location
Richard Meredith Richard Meredith talks about new game show Release the Hounds
Tags: iss093 | Release the Hounds | Radio Mics | Richard Meredith
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Product Spotlighting
KitPlus Introducing the Rotolight NEO
Tags: iss093 | Rotolight | NEO | IBC | KitPlus
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Flying a Drone part 1
John Pratchett Everything you needed to know about flying a drone
Tags: iss093 | Drones | On Location | John Pratchett
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Suriving IBC
Larry Jordan# Larry Jordan gives us his IBC survival guide
Tags: iss093 | IBC | Larry Jordan#
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How to Produce and Stream a Live Production Part One
Chris Waddington

Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can stream video content for free. The challenge is to create professional looking content that makes an impact; to do that it needs to have the polished look viewers are accustomed to seeing on network television, or they’ll stop watching.

Tags: iss093 | NewTek | produce | stream | capture | Chris Waddington
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Mobile News Gathering
Erwan Gasc Ask the experts with AVIWEST
Tags: iss093 | AVIWEST | mobile news gathering | Erwan Gasc
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Satellite adapts again to find new roles
Simen Frostad

After a period in which it appeared to be falling behind the innovation curve, Satellite is fighting back.

Tags: iss093 | Bridge Techologies | Satellite | Simen Frostad
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Manage and Monitor
Will Strauss# News analysis from Will Strauss
Tags: iss093 | news production | Broadstream | Quantel | MOG Technologies | media management | Digital Nirvana | transcoding | Telestream | storage | Disk Archive | test and management | Phabrix | conversion | Cobalt Digital | workflow | Sony | facility management | Xytech | audio | monitoring | quantum Leap Technology | MAM Cambridge Imaging | Suitcase TV | quality control | Venera | Archimedia | Will Strauss#
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Portaprompt Tablet Prompter
Mark Stopher Mark Stopher reviews the new tablet prompter by Portaprompt
Tags: iss093 | Portaprompt | tablet prompter | Mark Stopher
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SIZE is everything

The Phonak Invisity wireless in ear monitor receiver has been a fi rm favourite of presenters and actors alike for some time, however you could be forgiven if you’ve not noticed them, they are, after all, very small indeed!

Tags: iss093 | Phonak Invisty wireless | in ear monitor receiver | KitPlus
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In the Field
Robin Brown The perfect location for prompting solutions
Tags: iss093 | Autoscript | Prompting solutions | Robin Brown
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Communicating via IP
Andy Covey

At the turn of the 21st century the concept of IP-based systems first started to emerge, and with all things new, there were those who said it couldn’t be done with intercom systems.

Tags: iss093 | Trilogy Communications | IP | Andy Covey
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How to Sell a Film Before it is Made
Beth Zarkhosh Learn how filmakers have made up to £3 million in crowdsourcing and how you can do it too
Tags: iss093 | Kickstarter | crowdsourcing | Beth Zarkhosh
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Capture and Produce
Will Strauss# News analysis from Will Strauss
Tags: iss093 | camera support | Shotoku | Cameragrip | aquisition | Editec | specialist cameras | Bradley Engineering | Broadcast RF | on set | GB labs | camera batteries | PAG | production | proav | FOR-A | lighting | Rotolight | ION Cameras | Audio | Fairlight | Routers | Snell Group | Thameside TV | cameras | Sony | Camera Corps | switchers | Broadcast Pix | Connectivity | Atomos | Cooke Optics | Audio Acuisition | Aaton-Digital | Transvideo | Will Strauss#
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Fashionable Live Streaming
Kate Phibbs

For the launch of their Autumn Winter 2014 collection, Ted Baker called on London studio 3xScreen Media to provide an ambitious production and live streaming solution.

Tags: iss093 | 3xScreen Media | Ted Baker | Kate Phibbs
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Larry Jordan# Must have or just a dream? Either way these are our 6 of the best this month chosen by Larry Jordan, David Crossman and Jon Boast.
Tags: iss093 | DJI ronin handheld | canon CN7 | DVMP pro | zoom h4n | bose 15 | Larry Jordan#
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N/A Meet the four third year Portsmouth Uni students who will be managing the Creative and Cultural Industries TV channel
Tags: iss093 | #TvFutures | Education | Portsmouth Uni | CCI | Raechelle Jackson | Dylan Ellcome | Callum OLeary | Simon Bull | N/A
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The Power of the Rebrand
[author] Peter Savage talks about the pros and cons of rebranding
Tags: iss093 | Azule | rebranding | [author]
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Move and Deliver
Will Strauss# News Analysis from Will Strauss
Tags: iss093 | video transport | Digigram | DNG | dejero | DSNG | Satmission | transmision | Vislink | Thomson Video Networks | delivery | ioGates | Agama | apps | Metrological | playout | Teracue | PlayBox | multi-screen | Irdeto | infastructure | Dejero | Harmonic | power distribution | Canford | Will Strauss#
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Swiss Role
Dick Hobbs. More from the Cutting Room and Dick Hobbs
Tags: iss093 | ibc | swiss | dick hobbs | Dick Hobbs.
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Manipulate and Edit
Will Strauss# News analysis from Will Strauss
Tags: iss093 | post production | Quantel | Forbidden | Editors Keys | Blackmagic | FilmLight | Forscene | music | Audio Network | Broadcast Funiture | MW Video | audio | Calrec | DiGiCo | Junger Audio | audio post | Prismsound | Wire Broadcast | Will Strauss#
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How I shoot those Amazing Spaces
Chris Smith

Channel 4 has just finished showing series 3 of its popular ‘Amazing Spaces’, which is all about people building unusual living spaces.

Tags: iss093 | Amazing Spaces | Channel 4 | Canon C300 | Sony PMW F-55 | Polecam | Canon 5DMklll DSLR | Chris Smith
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