Lender of the last resort or good use of your assets
N/A Peter Savage continues his series of articles on setting up in business by looking at the pros and cons of factoring/invoice discounting
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The Benefits of Lens Add-ons
N/A Zoom lenses on broadcast and professional video camcorders are wonderful tools for the videographer, allowing quick and easy focal length change. But ultimately, a zoom lens is limited on both the wide and telephoto end of its zoom range.
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Royalty Free Music Can Save You A Fortune
N/A How important is music to your production? Think of the two notes John Williams used in Jaws to signal danger and to sometimes mislead the audience into believing that a great white shark was lurking in the hidden depths. Music plays such a crucial and powerful role in the visual world to be overlooked at your peril.
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Quality Assurance for Digital Production Workflow
N/A In every industry that Ive had anything to do with the word Quality gets backs up faster than just about anything else. Well, perhaps some parts of the automotive industry are amenable but then they largely invented the concept in the last century.
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An airport more dangerous than Death Valley
N/A As far as Insurance Companies are concerned, Airports can be a greater risk than some of the loneliest places on the planet.
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