So you think you know Flash?
N/A It is becoming widely accepted that HTML5 will eventually replace Flash as the platform for rich content and video on connected devices, but how can video publishers make the leap and avoid the pitfalls?
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HTML5 and H.264. Friends United....
Kieron Seth# Some technologies like DVD, CD, TV and the PC prove themselves over time. They are practical, flexible, reliable - even universal. Is H.264 one of those magic bullet technologies?
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The 4 Golden Rules of Streaming
N/A In November 2009 a Florida-based web design company ran a series of tests on their website. Their bounce rate (the % of visitors to their site that hit their home page but go no further on a site) started at 45% - a barely acceptable rate. Over the course of a month, they added graphic after graphic to their site. The effect was catastrophic with a bounce rate as high as 75%. As the test drew to an end, 25 graphics (200kb) were removed from the site. The result? The bounce rate dropped instantly to 35% in one day.
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