September. My new year

September. My new year. The new year in January is just logistics. The new financial year in April is just maths. But September, September is a new beginning.
Its ironic how when everything begins to die, school starts up again. Symbolic you might say. But autumn is my favourite season. Going back to school meant new pencils, new shoes, and having a purpose again. Perhaps if England had decent summer weather, I'd desire August to on forever. But there's only so many rainy days stuck inside making dens with my sisters that I could take.
Last September marked the beginning of my Gap Year. Most of my friends went off to Uni, and quite quickly we all accepted a new member into our social circle, Skype. If I had an opportunity to regret my decision to take a gap year, it was then. And only then. The last twelve months have flown quicker then the dismissal of India's batting line up in the last Test series against England (spot the cricket fanatic!).
And now I'm here, one year on, with no place at Uni, no driving license (though I've past my theory!), lots of new clothes, but the same tiny wardrobe.
But I've somehow ended up at Monument Tower with two skateboard decks on my back and a wierdo in a bright yellow t-shirt. In charge of a live stream from Oxford Street, being the youngest member of the team by a good 10 years, surrounded by people in camouflage, trying not to nod off in a corporate results meeting at 8.30 in the morning. And soon, chasing interviewees around IBC!
Unlike these last two months. Which has been, well, quiet. Too quiet.
For two weeks I was on holiday, camping in France, and then on a youth camp near Bath. I am NOT a happy camper. And we shall leave it at that.
But even when I've been at work it's been quiet. For someone who likes to be busy, and who enjoys working under pressure, it’s really unnerving! Especially as for the last week I've been on my own. Which nearly drove me crazy. Crazy-er.
But as well as the whole boredom thing, my bank account is looking a bit sad. It didn't quite process that less work means less money, which in turn means less spending. Well it should mean less spending. My savings just ended up taking a bit of a hit.
I am reliably informed (by the yoda/boss/client) that this is an annual occurrence. It gets quiet over the summer, people go on holiday apparently, and there's always less work. Should I then start putting away a "summer" fund in my bank? Granted it's not so bad at the moment, I still live with my parents, and don't have a car to run. But once my income starts to become less disposable, am I going to have to start -shock horror- budgeting?!
My parents used to encourage this when we were kids with our pocket money. We had little red money books and would document every expenditure and income. Then I got a job and suddenly the odd £30 here wasn't such a lot of money anymore.
Oh and I'm now on zero contract at my retail job! Hurrah! I have my weekends back! But again, another dip in the earnings.
But again, I'm reliably informed (by the same source) that things start to pick up in September. So perhaps September is also the new year for production assistants?
If you've got any questions, comments or ideas, tweet me @emmabeanies.

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