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Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras - Image #1
Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras - Image #2
Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras - Image #3
Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras - Image #4
Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras - Image #5

Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras

HDTV OB Trailer up to 34 cameras + 7 EVS places

Price: Contact us
Location: Germany
Condition: Used
Viewed: 411 times
Date Expires: 09/04/2017
Item ID: 178534

HDTV OB Trailer up to 34 cameras + 7 EVS places

Gass Valley HDTV OBVAN up to 34 cameras

HDTV OB Trailer with Truck for sale

The truck is planed and build by Grass Valley
Ready and prepared for up to 34 HDTV Camera channels and space for 7 EVS places


•Overall length (with tractor): 16,5 mt
•Width (stowed): 2,55 mt (expanded max): 6,5 mt •Height: 4m
•Weight: 34 Tonnes

•Km of Engine: about 140.000km •EU-Norm: Euro 3

Rear side loading bay with lift door Carries four wheeled loading carts expandable right along both sides

• Automatic pneumatic stabilizer to produce
•2x Airwell Aircondition systems
•2x 64 Ampere Powersystem
•Grass Valley Kayak HD Video Mixer with 2,5 ME

(DD35 main-panel + 1ME sub-panel)

•Trinix 256x196 Router •Blackmagic 40x40 Router

++ more details on request ++ please contact us for PDF ++

Second Broadcast
Sascha Groos

Tel: 0049(0) 2241-2483904 (germany)


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HDTV OB Trailer up to 34 cameras + 7 EVS places
HDTV OB Trailer up to 34 cameras + 7 EVS places
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