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Full HD IPS LED Business Monitor

Price: £150.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 1123 times
Date Expires: 12/10/2021
Item ID: 200298

Full HD IPS LED Business Monitor


LG 24MB35PH 24″ Full HD is a business monitor with very good LED IPS panel for accurate colour reproduction.

Reader Mode

By reducing blue light to protect your eyes, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a touch of a button, you can comfortably read on the monitor for longer periods of time without straining your eyes.

Flicker Safe

Protect your eyes from exhausting flickers and blue lights. LG’s new Flicker Safe system is always on to reduce the flicker level to almost-zero. In addition, activate the Reader Mode to minimize harmful blue lights with a simple touch of a hot-key. Spend as long as you want working, gaming, or watching movies without burdening your eyes. Use the convenient and easy hot keys for more satisfaction.

Ergonomic Design

Our swivel tilting monitor has diverse swivel & tilt options ranged from 15° to 68° and from -5° to 35° respectively, to be perfectly adjusted for varied eye level and working conditions. Also, our pivot monitor can be changed to vertical anytime you want, keeping up with business situations like dealing with vertically long contents.

Built-in Power Experience built-in adaptor which used to be assembled in the power cable. Feel how our built-in adaptor remarkably changed installation time to be a more convenient by omitting any struggles to pull it out from small size cable hole

No stands included

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Genlock Digital Imaging Future-Proofs with Leaders ZEN Series LV5350 12G Video Waveform Monitor Posted: 27/10/2020
Genlock Digital Imaging Future-Proofs with Leaders ZEN Series LV5350 12G Video  Waveform Monitor

Clint Paglaro, one of Canada’s most experienced Digital Imaging Technicians, has joined the growing number of film and TV production facilities, post-production houses and broadcasters investing in Leader test instruments as master reference tools. Founder and operator of Genlock Digital Imaging, he recently chose an LV5350 waveform monitor for use alongside his LV5330.

"I’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years now," Clint comments. "Over all this time, Leader has been the best and in my experience the only option for waveform monitors and vectorscopes. As 4K SDI imaging is now upon us, I chose the new and future-proof LV5350 for its 12G capabilities.

"Today I use Leader equipment in my work as a DIT. Most recently, I've been working on television series projects in Vancouver, BC. We shot three seasons of 'Siren' and recently started season two of the drama series 'Motherland: Fort Salem'. My Leader LV5350 scope is able to handle the 4K 6G SDI signals coming off the Sony Venice cameras we are using.

"We currently use the LV5350 waveform monitor and LV5330 multi SDI test monitor, side by side on the DoP-DIT cart, to measure all aspects of camera exposure and color."

Tags: Leader Instruments ,video test equipment ,audio test equipment ,video waveform monitors ,12G waveform monitors ,12G video analyzers ,IP video analysers ,video noise meters ,HDR test equipment ,true-hybrid test equipment ,Hi-Vision test equipment ,surround
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Marshall Introduces New ML-454 Quad 4.5 Inch Rack Monitor Posted: 28/10/2020
Marshall Introduces New ML-454 Quad 4.5 Inch Rack Monitor

Marshall Electronics new ML-454 Quad 4.5 inch Rack Monitor features four high resolution screens in only two rack units, making it ideal for fly packs and broadcast trucks. It supports a range of inputs including HDMI, 3G-SDI and composite. Both SDI and composite inputs have active loop through with independent tallies and controls on each screen. It also features front panel access to functions, such as aspect ratio, marker and backlight level, for greater flexibility on location.

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New English language channel launches in India with Cinegy Air PRO Posted: 28/10/2020
New English language channel launches in India with Cinegy Air PRO

Travelxp, one of the world’s leading travel channel brands based in Mumbai, India, has implemented Cinegy Air PRO, a highly optimized playout automation solution, to launch a new English language channel.

Sold and installed by Cinegy’s regional partner, New Delhi-based Setron India, Cinegy Air PRO is a software-based system for HD and UHD 4K playout automation that uses standard IT server hardware and certified SDI video cards.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “Travelxp is a leader in technical advances, offering the best to its viewers in its latest venture. The advantage of Cinegy Air PRO is that it can easily run multiple HD and/or UHD 4K channels, which is precisely what they wanted. What’s more, multiple instances of Cinegy Air PRO can run on a single machine. Playout channels can also be configured to stream programs live with no need for additional hardware or software.”

Setron India Director Arjun Dhawan said, “Cinegy software is stable and easy to use, offering a simplified workflow and more modern technology than the existing system Travelxp had been using. What’s more, the use of Cinegy delivered uptime statistics that delighted the operations staff.”

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PMC Opens A New Factory To Cope With Demand For Its CI Monitors Posted: 28/10/2020
PMC Opens A New Factory To Cope With Demand For Its CI Monitors

Loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has opened a new factory in Bedfordshire, UK, to cope with burgeoning demand for its world-beating CI series.

Since launching last September, CI monitors have proved hugely popular with the installation market where they are delivering Hollywood studio audio quality. Incorporating the same proprietary PMC technology as the company’s multi award winning audiophile speakers and studio monitors, these slimline speakers are designed with a shallow depth for on-wall and in-wall custom installations. This design feature also makes them ideally suited to professional studios that are embracing Dolby Atmos immersive audio for music and film mixing and want discreet monitors for their wall and ceiling channels.

Based on an industrial estate in Sandy, the new factory covers 6,000 square feet and includes additional space for warehousing. In addition to the new manufacturing facilities, PMC is also increasing its staff resources to support the expansion.

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South Korea and rsquo;s Arirang TV expands relationship with Globecast for the launch of its HD channel across Western Europe Posted: 27/10/2020
South Korea and rsquo;s Arirang TV expands relationship with Globecast for the launch of its HD channel across Western Europe

Paris, 27th October 2020  Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, announced that it’s expanding its relationship with South Korean English-language TV network Arirang TV, aimed at international audiences, to broadcast in HD across Western Europe on satellite Astra 1L at 19.2°E, beginning this month.

Tags: Globecast ,HD ,broadcast ,channel ,Korea ,Arirang
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New Brightline Presenter Lighting Kit Offers PoE, and nbsp;Wireless Control for Customized Installations and nbsp; Posted: 27/10/2020
New Brightline Presenter Lighting Kit Offers PoE, and nbsp;Wireless Control for Customized Installations and nbsp;

Brightline today announced its Presenter Lighting Kit, which uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) and wireless control to deliver simple and affordable lighting packages for single presenters. Available for corner or straight installations, the new kits feature Brightline’s Flex-T recessed lighting LED panels for drop ceilings and drywall.

“Ambient lighting is generally not good enough for presenters to be seen clearly, especially with today’s growing emphasis on videoconferencing for remote employees or students. Broadcasters are also looking for clean, affordable lighting solutions for smaller spaces that are dedicated to streaming content,” explained Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “Our new Presenter Lighting Kit delivers a plug-and-play, personal three-pointing lighting system that is easy to install and control. Proper lighting ensures PowerPoint presentations or graphics on nearby screens don’t wash out the speaker, and protects presentations from being washed out by presenter lighting.”

Designed around a familiar three-point lighting design, the Presenter Lighting Kit uses two single module and one double module Flex-T units for key, fill, and back lights. The patented design of Brightline’s T-Series allows the lighting carriage to rotate for a higher level of control, and spot optics avoid lighting spill on nearby screens or video monitors.

Tags: Brightline ,broadcast news ,videoconferencing ,LED ,lighting
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Mobile TV Group launches third and lsquo;FLEX and rsquo; OB truck with Calrec Artemis and IP Gateway audio-over-IP capabilities Posted: 27/10/2020
Mobile TV Group launches third and lsquo;FLEX and rsquo; OB truck with Calrec Artemis and IP Gateway audio-over-IP capabilities

Hebden Bridge, 27th October 2020  Denver-based live production giant Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has expanded its fleet with the launch of 47 FLEX, which is the third‘FLEX’ mobile unit within its 30+ OB fleet. The new 47 FLEX truck, along with its sister vehicles 45 FLEX and 46 FLEX, takes full advantage of Calrec’s Artemis digital audio console, with audio-over-IP capabilities via Calrec’s H2-IP Gateway technology,and is built with MTVG’s new Cloud Control capability. 47 FLEX serves the Marquee Sports Network, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Tags: Calrec ,Artemis ,console ,digital ,IP ,Gateway ,broadcast ,audio
Submitted by Jump PR
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Custom Consoles MediaWall Goes Live at BBC Studioworks Posted: 27/10/2020
Custom Consoles MediaWall Goes Live at BBC Studioworks

Custom Consoles announces the completion of a 5 metres wide by 3 metres high MediaWall for BBC Studioworks in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The new structure is installed in the production control gallery used for the supervision of programmes from the George Lucas Stage.

BBC Studioworks operates a complete gallery suite assigned to the George Lucas Stages at Elstree Studios, supporting large-scale TV productions. The galleries have direct access to Stages 1 and 2 and have hosted shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, and A League of Their Own. George Lucas used Stages 1 and 2 during the filming of the 'Star Wars' trilogy. Fully soundproofed, the stage is 1,465 square metres in area and 15 metres high.

Located in front of the production control desk, the MediaWall spans almost the full width of the gallery's front wall and supports 44 video monitors plus their associated under-monitor displays. A studio clock display and speakers are also attached. Four storage cabinets are positioned at floor level, accommodating power and signal distribution equipment.

"Introduced in 2006, MediaWall continues to be in strong demand among broadcasters, production studios and playout service providers around the world," comments Custom Consoles Sales Manager Gary Fuller. "

Tags: Custom Consoles Ltd ,broadcast control room furniture ,Covid-19 safety screens ,Operator Safety Screen ,motorised desks ,manually-adjustable desks ,sound-insulated equipment housings ,MediaWall ,Media Wall ,monitor walls ,post-production studio furniture
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IP Showcase Channel at 2020 NAB Show New York Goes Live Today Posted: 26/10/2020
IP Showcase Channel at 2020 NAB Show New York Goes Live Today

BOTHELL, Wash. — Oct. 23, 2020 — The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is live today at the 2020 NAB Show New York with its own IP Showcase channel. The IP Showcase channel gives attendees a unique opportunity to take in instructional and case-study presentations from industry-leading vendors and broadcasters. A series of 35-minute presentations and discussions will focus on the broadcast industry's move to standards-based IP infrastructure for real-time professional media applications.

Tags: AIMS ,2020 NAB Show ,NAB ,New York ,IP ,Showcase
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Peter Wharton Joins TAG Video Systems as Director, Corporate Strategy Posted: 21/10/2020
Peter Wharton Joins TAG Video Systems as Director, Corporate Strategy

TAG Video Systems, the world leader in integrated software-based IP Probing, Monitoring and Multiviewer solutions, has announced that Peter Wharton has been named Director, Corporate Strategy for the Company’s global operations. Wharton, an industry veteran with deep roots in transformative cloud-based media operations joins TAG on a permanent basis following two years working with the Company as a consultant. Kevin Joyce, Chief Zer0 Friction Officer, revealed details of the appointment noting that Wharton’s technical capabilities combined with his market knowledge played a pivotal role in opening TAG’s platform to new applications and increasing the Company’s international market share.

Tags: TAG Video Systems ,Multiviewers ,Multiviewer technologies ,Webinar ,100% SW ,100% IP ,100% COTS/Cloud ,Probing ,Monitoring ,IP-Based Webinar ,Zer0 Friction ,TAG ,TAG VS ,Kevin Joyce ,Paul Briscoe ,Peter Wharton
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