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Kinefinity Mavo LF - Image #1

Kinefinity Mavo LF

6K Full frame cinema camera

Price: £8,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 73 times
Date Expires: 19/05/2021
Item ID: 220526

6K Full frame cinema camera

Kinefinity Mavo LF

Included with the Mavo LF itself:
  1. PL mount
  2. PL mount with eND
  3. KineMag+ 1TB with SATA to USB
  4. SideGrip with 2 grip bats and dual charger
  5. KineBack-w
  6. Movcam shoulder pack
  7. Kinemon 5
  8. Wi-Fi Antennas
  9. Solid case
Only 83 hours record time, 488 hours power on time.Price £8000 + VAT + Shipping

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6K Full frame cinema camera
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Ikegami Announces UHK-X700 2 3-inch 4K-Native Global Shutter 3-CMOS Sensor UNICAM System Camera Posted: 25/02/2021
Ikegami Announces UHK-X700 2 3-inch 4K-Native Global Shutter 3-CMOS Sensor UNICAM System Camera

Ikegami announces a major addition to its UNICAM XE 4K system camera series. The UHK-X700 incorporates three newly developed 2/3-inch CMOS 4K sensors with global shutters to eliminate rolling shutter distortion and flash-banding artefacts.

"Designed for broadcast-quality video production and online streaming applications, the UHK-X700 looks set to become the flagship of the UNICAM series," comments Michael Lätzsch, Broadcast & Professional Video Division Manager at Ikegami Electronics (Europe). "It provides the high signal quality, versatile connectivity and robust build that are essential in today's multi-resolution media world. That includes full support for high dynamic range imagery with HLG or standard dynamic range, as well as the possibility to independently choose between BT.2020 and BT.709 colour spaces. High frame-rate shooting at up to 2x speed in 4K or up to 8x speed in HD via the base station is possible as an option, for applications such as capturing fast motion in sport or stage events."

When combined with the Ikegami BSX-100 base station, the camera optionally supports simultaneous output in 4K/HD video formats, including mixed sources. 4K video is available as a 12G-SDI feed directly from the camera head, allowing the UHK-X700 to be integrated into a wireless system.

Tags: Ikegami Electronics ,broadcast cameras ,4K HDR video monitors ,optical camera links ,medical imaging equipment ,4K hybrid base station ,4K EFP cameras ,4K studio cameras ,8K EFP cameras ,8K studio cameras ,optical camera links ,IP camera links ,CCUs ,OB v
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DCS Presents: Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of COVID Posted: 03/03/2021
DCS Presents: Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of COVID

The Digital Cinema Society announces the completion of a new mini-doc, Getting Safely Back to Work in the Age of Covid. The program is dedicated to the memory of our friend and longtime DCS member, Allen Daviau, ASC, an early victim of the disease.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most every aspect of the production industry, James Mathers, cinematographer and founder of the Digital Cinema Society made it his goal to document solutions to help create safer conditions on sets. This educational documentary explores tools and techniques the motion picture industry can use to help work safely despite the current pandemic.

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Wooden Camera Launches Accessories for Canon EOS C70 Posted: 25/02/2021
Wooden Camera Launches Accessories for Canon EOS C70

Wooden Camera announces a full range of accessories compatible with the new Canon EOS C70, adding to their long line of modular parts, and further improving customization to better fit camera operators’ personal requirements.

Operators can expand the C70’s rigging surface with a contoured Top Plate and improve handheld agility with the Mini Top Handle--both of which feature a multitude of ¼”-20, ”-16, and ARRI Standard mounting points for securing additional Wooden Camera or third-party accessories. A compatible Monitor Hinge increases on-camera monitor visibility with a wide, 180-degree tilting angle; this mount arrives with standard locating pins for SmallHD monitors and includes an additional rubber pad for attaching third party monitors. For lens support and convenient on/off quick-release mounting with tripods, the LW 15mm Baseplate provides 15mm rod pass-through brackets and an ARCA Swiss standard dovetail system with safety lock.

Tags: Wooden Camera ,RED Camera ,RED KOMODO ,ARCA Swiss ,Top Handle ,Monitor Hinge ,Top Plate ,camera accessories ,camera support ,Vitec Group ,V-Mount ,Gold Mount ,LEMO ,battery mount ,Canon ,film production ,tv production ,support accessorie
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Marshall Partners with CyanView to Expand its Camera Capabilities Posted: 24/02/2021
Marshall Partners with CyanView to Expand its Camera Capabilities

Marshall Electronics, a leading manufacturer of industry leading broadcast and proAV cameras and equipment, has collaborated with CyanViewdesigner and manufacturer of premiere universal camera control systems, to ensure that select Marshall cameras are compatible with its RCP control panel. This cooperation brings advanced color shading control to several Marshall cameras, as CyanView’s RCP supports Marshall Electronics Miniature HD Cameras (CV503, CV506, CV344, CV346, CV380, CV502), Zoom Block cameras (CV355, CV350) and its Lipstick cameras (CV226, CV225).

Tags: Marshall Electronics ,CyanView ,proAV camera
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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AGITO hard at work in The Netherlands Posted: 24/02/2021
AGITO hard at work in The Netherlands

With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, Eurogrip is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of specialist camera equipment and brings 25 years of experience to a whole range of productions across the continent. It was one of the first buyers of one of the AGITO modular dolly systems and has seen it come into its own for broadcast work in the current production environments necessitated by the Covid pandemic.

Tags: Motion Control ,AGITO ,Remote ,Dolly System ,Camera
Submitted by Bubble
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Maxon Announces 2021 Lineup of 3D, VFX and Motion Graphics Special Events Posted: 23/02/2021
Maxon Announces 2021 Lineup of 3D, VFX and Motion Graphics Special Events

Maxon has announced its extensive lineup of 2021 events for content creators working in 2D, 3D, motion design, VFX and visualization. In addition to participating in mainstay industry events like SIGGRAPH, NAB, and IBC, Maxon will continue with their popular free online showcase, the 3D & Motion Design Show, the first of which will take place on March 17, 2021.

Tags: Red giant ,Maxon ,VFX ,Cinema 4D ,3D & Motion Design Show ,2021 ,Events Calendar
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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Teradek Partners with Camera to Cloud (C2C) to Revolutionize Editorial Workflow Posted: 18/02/2021
Teradek Partners with Camera to Cloud (C2C) to Revolutionize Editorial Workflow

Creative Solutions announces that Teradek has partnered with to support C2C (Camera to Cloud), a cloud-based workflow that bridges on-set camera capture with post-production NLE systems. This revolutionary process is poised to forever transform the way in which production and editorial interact. 

At launch, the Teradek Cube 655 video encoder will be the only device capable of capturing color-accurate proxy files directly from camera video feeds and uploading them into the cloud system via WiFi, LTE, or 5G.

Tags: SmallHD ,Focus ,Monitor ,On-Camera Monitoring ,Focus Pro ,LCD ,OLED ,touchscreen ,camera control ,lightweight design ,recording format ,resolution ,frame rate ,shutter speed ,aperture adjustment ,autofocus ,output tone map ,highlight roll-off ,3D LUTs ,Ni
Submitted by Lewis Communications
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diguise endorses StarTracker for xR Posted: 18/02/2021
diguise endorses StarTracker for xR

Mo-Sys Engineering), world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual production and image robotics, announced today that its partner disguise has a number of customers and partners adopting StarTracker technology for XR and virtual production. disguise customers have been adopting StarTracker systems with disguise xR technology, and disguise has seen strong demand in the fast-growing APAC market for the combined solution.

Tags: StarTracker ,Camera ,Tracking system ,broadcast ,VFX Production ,virtual production ,technology ,tracking solutions ,disguise
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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AVer Europe: VC520 Pro is certified for Microsoft Teams Posted: 15/02/2021
AVer Europe: VC520 Pro is certified for Microsoft Teams

AVer Europe, an award-winning provider of education technology solutions and video collaboration solutions, announced today the VC520 Pro enterprise-grade video conference solution is now Certified for Microsoft Teams. With its high-quality camera and full-duplex speakerphone, the VC520 Pro results in crisp audio for an outstanding collaboration experience that works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Tags: conference camera
Submitted by brookscomm
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Bozzuto Inc. Leverages JVC CONNECTED CAM System for Live Event Productions Posted: 09/02/2021
Bozzuto Inc. Leverages JVC CONNECTED CAM System for Live Event Productions

A family run business for 75 years, Bozzuto’s Inc. is the leading family-owned total service wholesale distributor of food and household products to retailers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Bozzuto’s Inc. continually supports the communities it serves through its charitable arm, The Hometown Foundation Inc. The foundation hosts a variety of events at the Farmington Polo Club,  the company’s  80-acre property and multi-purpose facility located in Farmington, CT. To ensure a total event experience, Bozzuto’s also implements a wide array of live streamed and recorded video services for the events it hosts, made possible by the CONNECTED CAM™ system from JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation.

Tags: JVC Professional Video ,wireless camera ,broadcast camera
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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KitPlus Capturing performances for television is a stressful business, especially if the programme is being filmed live. You want everything to be perfect but you are also aware that many things can go wrong, even with the best laid plans.
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ERA IaaS at University of Salford
KitPlus The University of Salford (UoS) is widely recognised in both academic and professional circles as a leading educational establishment in acoustics and media production. In 2011 the University moved its television and radio courses from its main campus just outside Salford city centre into the Orange Tower on the main piazza of MediaCityUK (MCUK).

This purpose-built hub for broadcasters, facility houses and production companies was created when redevelopment of the old Salford Quays docks area began in 2007. UoS was among the first institutions to consider moving to MCUK, along with the BBC, which had already committed to transfer many of its departments from London.

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