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ARRI Arriflex 435ES

Full Kit

Price: £2,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 815 times
Date Expires: 10/04/2017
Item ID: 167873

Full Kit

ARRI Arriflex 435ES

ARRI 435ES  A / X  35mm Camera Body
Filter Mask
Gate Mask
Ground Glass
Glow Module
12v On-Board Splitter (Fitted)
24v On-Board Splitter (Fitted)
Dovetail Shoe (Fitted)
435 Carrying Handle
435 Wide Angle Eyepiece + Eyecup
FE-3 Extension Eyepiece
RCU-1 TG Remote Control Unit-Digital
RCU-1 Cable (8 Pin - 8 Pin Fischer)
435 400'/ 122m Magazine x3
Also available-
435 ES Cameras (3&4 perf)
435 Advanced (4 Perf)
435 Xtreme (4 Perf)
435 Advanced (3 Perf)

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TRANSVIDEOS NEW PRODUCTS ON SHOW AT NAB 2016 in Central Hall Posted: 14/04/2016

Transvideos latest and greatest products will be on show at NAB Expo 2016.

Innovation has always been in the agenda of Transvideo, and this year, at NAB 2016 will be presented a new wireless transmission system to enhance production and workflow for feature films, television drama and commercials.

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