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ARRI Arricam ST

Camera Package

Price: £5,500.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 1070 times
Date Expires: 10/04/2017
Item ID: 167849

Camera Package

ARRI Arricam ST

Case Containing:    
ARRICAM Studio 35mm Camera Body        
Filter Mask                            
Gate (.............) Format            
Ground Glass (...........) Format      
ST Top/Rear Load Adapter
ST Top/Rear Load Adapter Cover Handle  
ST Camera Handle  
ST Viewfinder Top (SPHERICAL)
Eyepiece  + Eyecup                 
Frame Glow                          
Frame Glow Mask (............)Format
Footage Counter                     
User Guide                          
Case Containing:                         
ST Rear Load Adapter
400' Studio Magazine   x3

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Bexel has supplied all audio/video equipment for the third season of the innovative A&E docuseries "60 Days In," which premiered March 2.  Produced by Lucky 8 TV, the third season is set inside Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. 
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