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Trilogy Orator

Complete Trilogy Orator System with 10 Interfaces & Programming Laptop

Price: £2,750.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 220 times
Date Expires: 12/07/2019
Item ID: 208357

Complete Trilogy Orator System with 10 Interfaces & Programming Laptop

Trilogy Orator

A complete fully working Trilogy Orator System.
36 Port Orator Matrix with twin PSU's
1 x 24 Key 19" Rack 2U Panel
3 x 10 Key 19" Rack 1U Panel
6 x 8 Key Trilogy Tortoise Panels all with Internal Power Supply
1 x Dell Latitude - Windows 7 Programming Laptop loaded with Orator Software complete with Borland Engine
1 x 9 Pin D Type Serial Lead
1 x USB Serial Adapter (Software loaded on Laptop)

I have re-furbished any broken or sticky lever keys with brand new switches from Trilogy.

There are No Headsets or LAN Cables included

Orator is a high performance digital intercom system, offering excellent facilities in a compact 2U package.
18 or 36 users in a single 2U package
Wide range of user configurable control panels from 8 – 24 keys or more
Panels, 4 wires, cameras, radio equipment, telephone interfaces, ISDN connections may be freely used in any combination
Built in camera mix facilities
Easy integration with other Orator, Commander or third party intercom from other manufacturers
Built in GPI’s
Optional ‘hot plug’ PSU redundancy

The perfect intercom solution for studios, OB Trucks and conference systems.
Corporate Overview
Trilogy Broadcast is a name synonymous with quality design, product innovation and excellent ergonomics. From its beginnings in 1986 Trilogy has grown steadily to become a major European manufacturer of broadcast equipment, and top broadcasters in almost thirty countries use our growing range of communication and infrastructure equipment. These customers rely on the high performance of Trilogy equipment to televise major drama and entertainment programmes as well as news and sporting events including Olympic games, F1 motor racing, football etc.
Whilst primarily focussed on the needs of broadcasters, our equipment is used in a diverse range of applications including theatres, COTS defence and conference systems. Through our continuous development programme, we can expand and update our product range constantly to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We maintain our position at the forefront of technology and adopt the latest signal processing and transmission standards to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions for your operation.

A wide range of control panels in both 1U and 2U rack mount formats and stylish Desk mount units for non engineering areas are available. The range has varying numbers of keys or push buttons from 8 to 24 (more to special order). Features include:-
Key assignment to any source or destination on the matrix
Selectable key action - Lever keys configurable to any mode of latching or momentary operation
Shift Key - full access to second level on any or all keys
Group Assign - Allows ‘on the fly’ configuration
Assignable gain controls
Telephone keypad - comprehensive analogue or ISDN telephone integration

Orator uses a high speed digital tdm architecture to provide wide band audio signal switching and mixing of up to 36 inputs and outputs in a stylish 2U case. Any port may be used for connecting panels, 4-wires, telephones, cameras, belt packs or talent earpieces. Orator is supplied ready to support 18 users and this may be expanded by a second matrix board up to 36 at anytime. The unique embedded software of Orator allows any combination of mix minus (n-1), groups and conference calls together with prioritised IFB’s and other standard functions.
Orator is part of a family of intercom systems from Trilogy. It uses the same architecture as the Commander system and shares the same range of panels as well as many of the ancillary interfaces and accessories including belt packs, analogue and ISDN telephone interfaces, headsets etc.o expand Orator still further, up to three active mix/da boards may be added which allow an individual port to handle up to six inputs and outputs.
Orator stores multiple configurations in non-volatile RAM and others may be stored on a pc for downloading as required. In applications where configurations need to be altered, the Pathfinder Lite configuration software allows changes to be prepared quickly offline or implemented live without interrupting system operation. Key actions, panel labels, gains, groups, conferences, IFBS etc maybe configured using an intuitive Windows based GUI. For fixed installations which do not change frequently, Orator may be supplied pre configured without separately purchasing the Pathfinder Lite package.

Audio inputs Electronically balanced earth free
Max level +20dBu
Gain adjustment -37dB to +12dB
Audio outputs Electronically balanced earth free
+20dBu into 600 ohm min
Frequency response 20Hz to 14.25kHz +–3dB
Noise - 60dB CCIR weighted quasi peak
Configurations 4 user configurations 1 test position
(any number stored in separate pc on hard/floppy disk)
90 - 260 vac
30VA 18 port/ 50 VA 36 port

The total weight of all the items will be in the order of 30Kgs.
The equipment will be packed in three cartons.
I have allowed £60 to cover carriage and Insurance.
I'm happy to work out a price for the equipment to go overseas,
Collection can be from either Banbury or Wexham near Slough.
If your based on or near the M40 corridor between Banbury and the M25 I could deliver.
Please contact me if you require any further information.


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