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Draka Comteq 11-Y - Image #1

Draka Comteq 11-Y

Draka Comteq 11-Y Triax Cable on Aluminium Drum or not.

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Location: Netherlands
Condition: Used
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Date Expires: 28/07/2017
Item ID: 182172

Draka Comteq 11-Y Triax Cable on Aluminium Drum or not.

Draka Comteq 11-Y

For sale:
Draka Comteq 11-Y Triax Cable on Aluminium Drum.
On each aluminium drum is around the 280 meter Draka Comteq 11-Y
Triax cable with Fischer connectors.
We have 11 aluminium drums but also the same triax cable but without drum.

Please contact us for more information or look on our website:


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Draka Comteq 11-Y Triax Cable on Aluminium Drum or not.
Draka Comteq 11-Y Triax Cable on Aluminium Drum or not.
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