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Vutrix 46

Vutrix 46" Plasma

Vutrix 46" Plasma

Price: £150.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 726 times
Date Expires: 14/02/2020
Item ID: 180006

Vutrix 46" Plasma

Vutrix 46" Plasma

46” LCD 1920x1080 native resolution display at 50Hz or 60Hz.

SD-SDI or HD-SDI inputs.

Supplied with remote and includes choice of table stand or floor stand.


  • Case weights and dimensions
  • Supplied accessories

99Kgs, 103.0x129.0x42.0 cm on castors.

Fitted to table stand with remote control and mains lead.


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XL Supplies Video Screens for Never Mind The Buzzcocks Posted: 17/11/2014
XL Supplies Video Screens for Never Mind The Buzzcocks

XL Video, working with Production Manager, Sarah Chaloner and Designer, Dominic Tolfts, supplied video projection and plasma screen solutions for studio recordings of Series 28 of the popular TalkBack television show, Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Tags: XL Video ,projection ,plasma ,screen ,Barco FLM HD-20
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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XL Events Supplies and SKODA at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed Posted: 25/07/2012
XL Events Supplies and nbsp;KODA  at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed

XL Events supplied audio and video equipment for two of the  Skoda display areas at the recent 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Chichester, west Sussex, UK.

One was in the Moving Motor Show where approximately 40% of visitors entered the event, and the other was at  Skoda's Pavilion stand in the main exhibition area. Commissioned by A1 (Events & Exhibitions) Ltd, based in Milton Keynes, XL Events was asked to provide video screens for both the inside and outside walls of the main Pavilion.

Tags: XL Events ,Goodwood ,LED ,video ,PixLed F-11 ,Panasonic ,Plasma ,SKODA ,Eyevis LCD ,Nexo
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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XL Video Supplies the National Theatre of Scotlands Macbeth Posted: 26/06/2012
XL Video Supplies the  National Theatre of Scotlands Macbeth

XL Video supplied plasma screens and full Catalyst media management and control for the acclaimed National Theatre of Scotland current production of Macbeth.

Staring Alan Cum

Tags: XL Video ,plasma screens ,National Theatre of Scotland ,Catalyst Media Server ,New York ,Macbeth
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Studio Technologies Model 46 Makes the Comms Connection for Observe Outside Broadcast Posted: 25/06/2012
Studio Technologies Model 46 Makes the Comms Connection for Observe Outside Broadcast

Studio Technologies Model 46 2-Wire to 4-Wire interface is making the comms connection for Observe Outside Broadcast, a premier remote broadcast and TV company that covers sports and entertainment events in Ireland. The Observe fleet of OB vans consists of the flagship HD1 high/standard definition truck, capable of fielding 25 cameras; the HD2 high/standard definition truck, offering eight camera capabilities and the SS3 standard definition truck, which supports 22 cameras. The trucks cover sports events that include RBS 6 Nations Rugby and international soccer games. Studio Technologies Model 46 units were chosen to interface efficiently between the existing 4-wire, 96-port RTS Telex matrix systems found in each truck and the remote 2-wire beltpacks carried by crew members.  

Tags: Studio Technologies ,Model 46 2-Wire to 4-Wire interface ,Observe Outside Broadcast ,Ireland ,OB van ,5.1 surround sound ,Dolby E ,HD 1 ,HD 2 ,SS3
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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CPL Supplies Full Technical Production for Audi National Forum Event Posted: 07/05/2012
CPL Supplies Full Technical Production for Audi National Forum Event

West Midlands, UK, based video and production specialist Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) supplied sound, lighting, AV, cameras and co-ordinated full technical production including set and staging - plus crew - to the Audi National Forum event staged at Londons ExCel Centre.

Tags: Central Presentations Ltd ,AV ,Audi ,Sony ,Panasonic ,Martin Professional ,IMAG ,PARcans ,plasmas. Twofour ,ETC Source Profile
Submitted by Louise Stickland
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Studio Technologies Model 46 Intercom Interface Streamlines NYCs Thanksgiving Day Parade Production Communication Posted: 07/12/2011
Studio Technologies Model 46 Intercom Interface Streamlines NYCs Thanksgiving Day Parade Production Communication
The grand Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan requires a massive effort to capture the excitement of this traditional procession for millions of television viewers nationwide. Production crews for the event used three Studio Technologies Model 46 Dual 2-Wire to 4-Wire Interface units to streamline intercom setup and operations to help deliver the action. From the giant floats, bands and performers, to Santa passing by the procession stand, the Model 46 units performed flawlessly, helping to herald in the holiday season.
Tags: Studio Technologies ,Model 46 Intercome ,Thanksgiving Day Parade
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Photon Beard Highlights Africa Posted: 19/08/2011
Photon Beard Highlights Africa Broadcasters in East Africa have four primary concerns: studio heat, given that they are on the equator and air-conditioning is a luxury; exceptionally high electricity costs; durability and, of course, price. Traditional tungsten lighting addresses almost none of these concerns and many broadcasters in the region have learned painful and expensive lessons from inappropriate lighting choices.

Tags: ,Red Head ,Double Blonde ,Highlights ,Nova 270 Plasma light
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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RTE LAUNCHES NEW AERTEL MOBILE SERVICE WITH SYSMEDIAS PLASMA GOLD Irish national broadcaster RT has successfully launched the new version of its mobile information platform, Aertel Mobile (, supported by SysMedia's Plasma Gold cross-platform content management technology. 
Aertel Mobile is the latest example of an ongoing digital multiplatform extension by RT of its original teletext services and it will ultimately replace the previous award-winning WAP-based mobile service – which was also powered by SysMedia technology. Key to this expansion strategy is the need to avoid duplicating any editorial effort. Equally important is the ease with which advertising is supported across the multiple platforms.
Tags: rte ,aertel mobile ,sysmedia ,plasma gold
Submitted by Joss Armitage
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SYSMEDIA FUTURE-PROOFS TELETEXT WITH DIGITAL-READY SOLUTION SysMedia has seized the technology initiative with the introduction of a digital-ready teletext version of its Plasma Gold production system. This development meets the market need to support both analogue and digital teletext services as well as to provide future-proof capabilities for mobile, web and digital interactive TV coverage.
This new entry-level version of Plasma Gold has been developed in direct response to requests from broadcasters. Andrew Lambourne, SysMedia's CEO, says, "While it may surprise some people, traditional teletext is alive and thriving. Many broadcasters now face the dilemma of needing to replace outdated teletext systems while knowing that their future rests with the next generation of digital and multiplatform delivery. Our digital-ready approach supports existing services and allows easy migration to multiplatform - significantly reducing technology costs and minimising the duplication of production effort."
Tags: sysmedia ,teletext ,plasma gold ,andrew lambourne
Submitted by TV-Bay
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INTERACTIVE ENTRY COST WITH PLASMA GOLD SysMedia has launched a hosted version of its successful Plasma Gold interactive content production and management system. The hosted model minimises upfront capital outlay, enabling broadcasters, radio stations and other media outlets to extend their brand reach across multiple platforms.
The hosted service provides access to a full Plasma Gold system on servers managed by SysMedia. It allows customers to upload and edit their content and manage the service remotely, with real-time delivery to the platforms of choice - mobile, internet or digital TV.
Tags: sysmedia ,plasma gold ,management ,broadcaster ,radio
Submitted by TV-Bay
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Photon Beard has made lights since before the days of electric power.

"What's that, you say"?

Well, it's true. Photon Beard started in 1882 when the founder, R.R. Beard, invented the automatic gas regulator. Yes, the thing that allows you to barbeque that steak in summer sunshine, or any time of year that you fancy grilled food. In the days before R.R. Beard's invention, a lot of lighting was limelight, which was created when an oxyhydrogen flame was directed at a cylinder of quicklime (calcium oxide). The light was produced by a combination of incandescence and candoluminescence, which is basically a fancy way of saying "lime burns and gets brighter the hotter it gets."

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Dick Hobbs. If you have even once turned on BBC television in the last couple of months, you could not fail to learn that the big blockbuster drama this winter is Wolf Hall, a television adaptation of Hilary Mantel's two-thirds complete trilogy about the Tudors, and Thomas Cromwell in particular.
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N/A Over the last few years we have seen the release of hundreds of new plasma LCDs LEDs and now 3D LED with new models from new manufactures being released with what seems like every day. The huge growth in the sector has driven down the cost of production allowing companies to be very creative in how and which way to use the screens.
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Expanding Arqiva into HD playout
N/A ATG Broadcast recently completed a major SD to HD upgrade for Arqiva broadcast transmission centre at Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. The expanded system enables Arqiva to process and transmit four fully-operational 1080i HD channels as well as six new SD channels. It includes the installation and equipping of a server-based ingest suite, playout assembly facilities and four presentation desks.
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Robin Palmer and why flashy programmes are not so good?
Robin Palmer

Ever since the 1997 Pokmon phenomenon when hundreds of Japanese children were struck with epileptic fits provoked by a series bright red flashes in a TV cartoon programme broadcasters have become only too aware of PSE.

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Thomas Urbye

The age old question, asked by so many people who’ve come through my suite: “I’ve downloaded it to my laptop and it looks different?”. Then there is the inevitable panic: “Thomas, how can we make sure that everyone who watches it, watches it ‘properly’?”. This issue recently came to light with a campaign backed by moviemakers launched to make sure films are watched "as the director intended".

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The joy of field editing
Kieron Seth#

In the world of remote working, cloud storage and instant news, the ability to edit on location at a shoot has become a pre-requisite. Only a few years ago, field editing used to be merely about the quick rough cut, the assembly of proxy files or simply the ingest of media in an edit-friendly format. These days, however, energy efficient, high performance processors allow for the complete post production process on a laptop. Now, programme turnaround times can be slashed with editorial decisions made on the spot.

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Legacy and The Olympics
N/A Love sport or hate sport, the Olympics have arrived. What will they mean for you, me and the broadcast sector, asks Peter Savage
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Ask the Experts with Dolby
N/A Dolby has recently been making waves in imaging with its PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor, but isnt Dolby an audio company?
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